Developed with the professional therapist in mind.

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Kaasen Pro
Kaasen Pro

Upgrade your experience and professional image with a full carbon fibre body device and additional attachment. Device also customisable in team colours or logo for that exclusive touch.

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Reduce swelling with "Ice" & "Compression"

Minimise unwanted inflammation

Alleviate discomfort

Protect function

British-made from the highest quality materials, Kaasen   is a range of hand-held cryostimulation devices.


Unlike most cryotherapy devices, it is totally portable; everything fits into a stylish briefcase for use in the clinic, athlete’s premises or even on the sports field. The device not only provides "Ice" but unlike many cryotherapy systems, "Compression".

Simply connect the device to any size standard carbon dioxide cylinder (the same gas found in fire extinguishers) to produce a controllable, directed spray of dry vapour at -78 C (-108 F). The spray being under pressure achieves tissue compression.

Carbon dioxide canisters and the gas are free from regulation due to their inherent safety so are straight-forward to transport to events.





  • Fits into your athletes' normal training regime delivering more effective tissue cooling with simultaneous compression.

  • Targeted therapy direct to site.

  • Suitable for pre-habilitation, early and late phases of rehabilitation.

  • Rapid relief of symptomatology.

  • Acute and chronic injuries.

  • Plug and play - quick to set up.

  • Bring forward recovery time.

  • Transport easily for home and away events.

The ice flake logo, Kaasen™ and TruCryo™ names are trademarks of Logical Technologies UK Limited.

Kaasen™ is the result of advanced medical research and innovative engineering bridged together by TruCryo™. Designed and manufactured in the UK and CE approved.

This incredible device enhances the therapies I practice and has greatly improved some of the treatments I undertake with my elite athlete clients. Using cryotherapy before the warm-up exercise has played a part in preparation for training with my pro fighters I work with.; making muscles more supple and increasing endurance. The timing of these cryo sessions has been key. There is an optimum time for the application of cryotherapy in which the cryo is enormously beneficial for maximising recovery and athletic performance.

It has helped treating John Harding Jnr's tendon inflammation in his shoulder which had troubled him in his last few fights. With the use of the machine it has given him more confidence to throw his power punches and not worry about re injuring himself.

Chirag Patel 

Clinical Director @ MyPhysio MyPhysioCroydon